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Pet portrait

What is a pet portrait and how does it work? a pet portrait is a custom artwork of your pet. Take a photo of your pet with your mobile, upload this photo and select the canvas size. Within a few days you will receive a work of art from your pet that you can proudly hang in your home.

Honestly, who doesn't want their best friend on an artwork?

Why a pet portrait?

Your pet is just like your family, you have to take care of him and you get a lot of love in return, which is why it is important to put your pet in the spotlight. How can you do this best? Have a portrait of your pet made, even your pet will understand that it's special. Really, try our pet portrait.

How many animals can the pet portrait contain?

As many pets as on the images you upload. Normally, most of our clients put 1 pet on their portrait, this also gives the best results. If you want to have 2 different pets on 1 pet portrait, that is also possible. Can it only be dogs? No, you can put any pet on any portrait you like. Do you want 1 dog and 1 parrot on your pet portrait? go ahead!.

Pet portrait examples

Below you can see a few examples of pet portraits, so you can get an idea of which pet photo you will send for your pet portrait.