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Pet poster

Do you also want a poster of your pet? It is always nice to spoil your pet, but instead of giving a treat you can now give your pet something more special. Their own poster, with which your pet can proudly look at his poster on the wall every day and your pet knows how much his owner loves him.

What sizes are there for the pet poster?

As with the canvas, there are a total of 4 sizes, from small to extra large. You do not necessarily have to place 1 pet on the poster, you can also place several on it so that all your pets share 1 poster. But if you want to place several pets on a poster, we recommend that you order an extra large poster, otherwise the poster will be too busy and your pet cannot be displayed properly.

Can I only order my pet on a poster?

No, you can order your pet on different objects, for example a phone case, a mug or even a canvas. A canvas is especially nice because your pet can be printed very well on it. In addition, it can also be a fun birthday gift to a friend or colleague that you know is in love with their pet. Order a pet poster for them and you know they will always be happy with it.

Pet poster examples

We have already printed and sent many pet posters to our customers. Below are a few examples: