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Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie
Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie
Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie
Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie
Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie
Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie
Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie
Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie
Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie
Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie

    Custom Pet Unisex Hoodie

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    *Uploading issues? No worries! Place an order without a photo and we will send you an email

    *Note: You do not pick a background until you received the design proof
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    Choice of 80+ amazing backgrounds

    Once our designers have finished your design, you will receive a link which lets you view the design on 80+ different backgrounds!

    Our backgrounds👇

    Cover Paper
    Playful Patterns
    Oil paint
    Pop art

    Note: You do not pick a background until you have received the design proof *

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    ⚫️Black Friday Discount⚫️

    FREE home delivery within 5 working days!

    We will first send the design proof via email before we print the final result. We hereby give you the opportunity to choose from 80+ backgrounds and request changes

    📝 Description

    Print your pet on to a hoodie! Take your best friend everywhere with our custom pet art apparel. Our Cartooniful™ unisex hoodie is incredibly soft and comfortable, with a double-lined hood and cozy front pouch to keep your hands warm in the colder months. Looks awesome with a pair of jeans and some Cartooniful Pets socks.

    Our designers capture the unique personality and facial expression of your pet. In this way, we create a UNIQUE handmade product that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


    🎨  Handmade - Each design is handmade by professional artists

    ⭐️  Unique and personal - The design is based on your pet! Therefore, each design is unique, personal, and special!

    🖼  Choice of over 80 backgrounds - You will receive a preview via email. This way you can decide which background you like best
    👕 Premium quality 50/50 cotton/polyester. Printed with a design of your pet!

    📦 FREE delivery within 10 working days - You will receive a Track & Trace code as soon as we handed off the package.

    📞 Customer service available 24/7 - Do you have a question? We are 24/7 available to help you. Get in touch


    Within 1 or 2 days you will receive an email from us with the design. You will be able to view your design, choose a background (choice from 80+ backgrounds), and request any changes if necessary. After acceptance, we will start the printing process and you will receive the masterpiece at home within 5 to 8 working days!

    ✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are not satisfied until you are! That is why we always offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your order. That means that we continue to adjust your artwork until you are 100% satisfied with it

    You will always receive an email in which you can view the design in advance. We will only print the artwork after approval.

    Is there anything you'd rather adjust? Then you can indicate this immediately in the email and we will then send you another email with the new design. This process continues until you are completely satisfied. This way we ensure that everyone gets a work of art at home that he / she is proud of!

    We are available 7 days a week by email, Facebook messenger and Whatsapp (we always respond quickly!).

    If you are not satisfied, we always offer a solution!
    ❓ Frequently Asked Questions

    When can I expect my artwork at home?
    Our designers need 1 or 2 days to turn your photo into a Cartooniful work of art. You will receive your Cartooniful design by email. After approval, your Cartooniful artwork will be carefully printed on the product of your choice and then sent. That process takes 5 to 8 working days.
    All in all, your Cartooniful artwork will be delivered within 10 working days. Shipping is FREE.

    Can I see an example first?
    Yes, after you ordered you will receive an email in which you can view the design in advance within 1 day. You can choose a background (choice from 50+ backgrounds) and request any changes if necessary.

    I would also like my pet's name on it. Is that possible?
    Yes, you can enter your pet's name in the textbox that will show up underneath your photo.

    I would like to have several pets on 1 artwork. Is that possible?
    Yes, of course, tell us how many pets you want to have on the artwork under the 'number of pets' option.
    You can either upload a photo showing all your pets at once or a single photo for each pet. Our designers are well able to merge them into one beautiful artwork!

    Do you do other animals besides dogs and cats?
    Yes indeed, our designers can turn any animal or person into a Cartooniful artwork as long as they receive a good photo! Until now we have made Cartooniful works of art from people, dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, pigs and even birds!

    For more questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page

    If you want to contact us, please visit the Contact page
    📸 Photo tips!
    Do not worry. A good photo is easy to take with your smartphone!
    For the best results, we have listed a few tips for you.
    Cartooniful Photo guide Good lighting: Good lighting is important. Take a photo in good daylight or in a well-lit room. Make sure that no shadow falls over your pet. Our designers use the photo you upload, so make sure you're happy with your pet's colors in the photo.
    Cartooniful Photo guide Good position: The higher quality, the better. Try to get a good close-up on which your pet looks into the camera and is in a sitting or standing position for the best result!
    Cartooniful Photo guide Ears insight: Our designers can only design what they see in the photo. So make sure that the ears are clearly visible, so that they can also include them in the design.
    Cartooniful Photo guide Accessories: Does your pet have a favorite collar? Or another nice accessory? Make sure it is clearly visible in the photo so our designers can include it in the design!
    🐶 How does it work?
    Cartooniful How does it work? Take a picture of your pet! Then upload it on our website and place your order
    Cartooniful How does it work? Our designers start their work and create a Cartooniful Artwork!
    Cartooniful How does it work? Within 1 or 2 days you will receive your Cartooniful design by email and you can choose between various backgrounds
    Cartooniful How does it work? After approval you will receive your Cartooniful Artwork at home!

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